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"You're never too young to believe!" - Kristal Destiny

Welcome to my website.


This is a website about me and the things I like about Drag.  I will write about what I'm doing, places I'm going to and things that are important to me.  I'll also be posting about all things drag including the drama, the shade and the tea.

Kristal Destiny's Drag Universe

About Me


I am James.  I am a 10 year old boy (when I'm not being a girl) and I live in Peterborough, UK.  I am creative and imaginative and I have a growth mindset which means I never give up.  


I am Kristal Destiny.  After watching RuPaul's Drag Race, I was inspired to become a drag queen.  As a drag queen I most identify with BenDeLaCreme because when DeLa was a boy at school called Ben he was picked on and bullied,  He was called chubby and weird.  This has happened to me too.  When I am Kristal I can forget about my life as James, being Kristal makes me less stressed and helps my anxiety.  Kristal is my happy place,


My favourite queens include Bianca Del Rio, BenDeLaCreme, Adore Delano, Eureka, Katya Zamolodchikova and Alyssa Edwards.

My Latest video
Happy Pride Month!


It's Pride month, and a very busy time to be a queen. I'm still learning about what Pride is all about but it seems to be different for everybody. Lots of people think it is just a big party and that's it but its where people celebrate who they are and who they love and remember that people did and still have to fight hard and even protest to be accepted as LGBTQ+ and get the same things as straight people like weddings, and other rights, even to be able to hold hands when you are walking down the street.

I've been on a few protests before in Peterborough and London to tell David Cameron and Theresa May that poor people need help, that kids need better education and that the NHS is special and shouldn't be treated bad. Those protests still had a party feeling even though the message was important. People don't take notice of miserable and angry people. I'm looking forward to going to some Pride days because I get to meet nice people who will accept me as I am. I am going to Great Yarmouth Pride, Peterborough Pride and Leicester Pride. Say hello to me if you are there too!


My latest video is a lipsync one. I choose songs where the lyrics have a meaning for me. This song is important to hear because sometime people need to be reminded that it IS ok to be different. This song describes me and it is a message for you. I hope you enjoy it.



Song: So Am I

Original Artist: Ava Max

Make Up: Mum and Auntie Charlene

Video: Mum

Sound: Auntie Charlene




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